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The naptime pic of G Rain(I took it for you, JVC) is telling the story of the off-season surf on the North Shore today.  Ian says: “Kinda a sleeper. 3-4 ft that would have been 6-8 in the mainland. With only a handful of dope smoking locals who could afford the gas out there.” But the sea turtle swimming was pumping again, right G?

Second caption: poolside with cousin Kailani, showing her a killer time, dude. Or, “Duuuuuuude,” as she would say.

Off to Australia at 6am. Should be no problem because of our little alarm clock who’s been singing the time-change-blues since we got here.



  1. Jan said,

    asta manjana amigos

  2. kathleen roarty said,

    WHAT ADORABLE CHILDREN!! Whose grandchildren are they????

  3. kathleen roarty said,

    WHAT ADORABLE CHILDREN!!!! Whose grandchildren are they????

  4. Jen said,

    So impressed by your spirit of adventure! I am going to be living vicariously through you guys- love you and be safe! J

  5. auntie M said,

    too cute!

  6. cher and steve said,

    We are keeping good thoughts for you to be safe and have a wonderful time! Darling photos of G and K, Abbi your writing is inspiring, Ian keep rippin. We love NSW and have the countryside in our minds. You are so fortunate. love to you all, cher and steve

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