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July 7, 2008 at 10:40 am (Surf) (, , )

Ian pulls into the pocket at Main Beach, Byron Bay Sunday July 6

Ian pulls into the pocket at Main Beach, Byron Bay Sunday July 6

“You shoulda been here last week mate”…yeah, yeah, yeah, I was surfing So Cal as good as summer gets…ever!  Going from the longest warmest days of the year to the shortest (not quite coldest). The day after we arrived the first winter storms hit, which helped to bring the surf back up. Went for a fun surf at the beachie in Byron called “main beach”. Being that its school holiday there were a lot of groms frothing to do 540 reverse fakie McAirs on anything that pitched (or didn’t) I felt as though I had paddled into a pro junior event. Everyone seems to rip here.(see picture).

Surfed my beautiful  new asymetrical Pendoflex fish  5-7 and 5-9 respectively with a double bump quad on the backhand and a 101 bamboo keel on the forehand. The thing GOES! And in a land of design laboratory test tank theory such as this it actually gets a good looking over quite a bit by the local mad scientists. My friends Steve and Cher Pendarvis worked hard to make this before our blast off. Steves first version which we based off of Christensen’s own fav asym fish came out a bit heavy and fuller than we’d have liked. So while I was still putting it through the test turns with the local Cardiff shredder crew on a perky Sunday morning south swell, Steeve was pulling his second all-nighter , “cramming” to get an A. By Monday morning I was presented with vers 1.2 . It was half the weight of the  first, thinner, narrower, and a serious Pendopaint job ready for Byron and G land. Thanks you guys.

Ian-G-and Pendo down the street from Jan and Eric\'s

Ian-G-and Pendo down the street from Jan and Eric

Surfed “The Pass” last night. Didn’t expect much from the view a mile away, but when I walked through the rocks around the point the ocean revealed a dredging righthander sucking the sand off the bottom and rocketing riders through a cavernous takeoff section that was reminiscent of La Conchita North side pier , or Sandspit with a heavy rip. Between squalls the sky opened up and peppered the lineup in pink reflective clouds turning the whitewater an electric cotton candy pink contrasting with a gun-metal gray glass-off, and  black pits of destruction reeling before the deadly rock takeoff zone. Some of the best sessions seem to happen when you least expect it or when your expectations are zeroed out, such as today.



  1. JP said,

    That is the grooviest board ever.

  2. cher and steve said,

    Stoked to hear that the Pendoflex is being enjoyed in OZ. We had similar experiences at the Pass, what a long wave when the sand is right.

    Happy for you all.

    Steve and Cher

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