G – Day (different from G’Day)

July 9, 2008 at 11:16 am (Lil G. Rain's World, Travel Musings) (, , , , )

The Mists of Mac Castle

The Mists of Mac Castle

Old Friends

Old Friends

After watching Ginger literally chase another little girl down in a toy store yesterday, we realized we needed to devote a day to the knee’s eye view. This morning she played on the beach out in front of Jan and Erik’s with another little boy named Kale for hours. The empty expanse of  clear clear  water, windswept sand and bush out front is a playground for all of us with stand-up barrels for Ian and bush trails forever for me too. This afternoon, G-Day continued when we took her to the illustrious MACADAMIA CASTLE  (Jan got us passes!) The castle has a giant knight out front and is right in line with the giant prawn we passed on our way out of town, taking  its place in a country that values giant fruit and other edible edifices as time honored highway spectacles (there’s a lot of open road in this country). The photos for the castle brochure turned out to have been taken with a very wide lens, as the place was much smaller than we’d thought. But Ginger thought the kangaroo petting and baby calves and goats were cool. As Erik had warned us, we took our hand-cleaner along, “Remember, the koalas can give her the clap,” he’d said on our way out the door. I hope the herbal lavender stuff will kill that.

Rode home listening to the soundtrack to the movie “Once” (I highly recommend it especially to the ladies) and marveling at the way so much greenery and bright sunlight makes the whole place seem coated in canary yellow– like our rental car. That is, until the sun sets at the beach and everything is mauve-tinged sky and sage-green grasses and gums  blowin’ in the wind.

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…stay tuned for Castle#2: The Crystal Castle, Macadamia Castle for New Age adults nestled among old British Empire farming country



  1. Melissa said,

    I don’t think I can do the photo justice. What immediately springs to mind is: “Run, Mama, run!”

  2. Marco said,

    “Sorry Ginger, the mean man says you can’t play in the sandbox.”

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