**Iansurfpost: Ranchification

July 9, 2008 at 12:11 pm (Surf, Uncategorized) ()

Angels Smiling Out Front

Angels Smiling Out Front

Polarizer Point

Last night’s high pressure whispy dews in the sky gave way to an even “higher pressure” today. Super crisp, lip parching dry offshores blew all night. Felt like a snappy day at the Ranch in October with similar size and perfection to boot. Everywhere was a perfect 1-3+ depending on if you had some scale to measure it by. Lennox looked  as ammazing as a “flat” point could look and the fact that it was still ridable on a longboard and still no-one was out (due to the  cold) made it seem that much more pristine. Scale is a relative feature here as pictured in the large knight on the Pacific Hwy chasing Abi and Miss G. So when I paddled out at the local beachie tonight  I was pleasantly surprised to find overhead, hyper -wedging double ups with a backdoor freindly attitude. The hard offshores making everything a possibility.



  1. jan said,

    sounds like you guys are really enjoying everything. i love it. max and i walked the trail at minyon – 7 kms. amazing – up the ridge and down into a secret palm canyon. then across the raging creek and back up the other side.
    there is also another falls you can go to closer to our house called wyan wyan falls. you can walk the trail down and then behind the falls. on a hot summer day it is amazing. you can imagine the aborigines that used to camp there to escape the summer heat.
    don’t forget to check out whites beach along the broken head road !!
    and the pub in yamba!! one of my favorite things to do (and was a epiphany moment for me before we moved here) is walking the jetty at sunset and watching the prawn trawlers head out to sea. it is magical.
    miss you three – see you soon

  2. Justin P. said,

    is that the Lennox head beach breaks?/

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