Greatful List 1

July 10, 2008 at 11:45 am (Greatful Lists, Surf, Travel Musings, Wedded Bliss) (, , , , )

Grateful list for the day:

1. that I didn’t walk into that huge (by non-Aussie standards) spider in the middle of the trail today while hiking around Broken Head

2. that the water was warm enough that Ginger and I could get our clothes totally soaked and still stay warm in the sun while Ian got shacked right in front of us

3. the mama and baby dolphin in the clear blue waves next to Ian and the cola colored sea sponge with a honeycomb patchwork of holes that G and I found on the beach

4. that nobody (like my husband) teased me that Jews Point is so close to Snapper Rocks on one of the trailhead signs. What are they trying to say, anyway?

Lil kitten
Teeming with life

Teeming with life

Lil kitten
Morning walk
What are they trying to say?

What are they trying to say?

Morning walk


  1. Justin P. said,

    How sick is broken head? I mean raw earth, spitting tubes, and cool jungle walks to secluded beaches. Love that place! If you have time you guys should hike to brays beach its about 1/2 mile south of broken. When your leaving broken head camping area by car hook a left on the first dirt road and go to the second or third parking area then hick the trail on your left. fun punchy beach/reef wedging rights and fun shore break left. Just dont pull off at King beach (the first parking area) or you will be unpleasantly surprised by the OZ version of blacks beach volley ball crew playing rugby. Rad spider shot by the way…


  2. jonathan said,

    love the list!!! gratetude is HUGE in my book. keep the posts coming. I really dig your writing 🙂

  3. Reid Betz said,

    Hey you guys,
    Wow. Whadda trip! I must admit that my jealousy abounds, but I am more than happy to live this vicariously through you. With that said, here’s to bright days, G-days and the occasional silly daze.

    Watch out for dem spiders. I hear that they can pack a wallup down yonder.

    Hugs, kisses and a raised glass,


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