Ballina to Sydney

July 16, 2008 at 5:23 am (Lil G. Rain's World, Travel Musings) (, , , , )

Morning practice for the paddle club on a tea tree infused lake in Lennox

Ginger gives the paddle boards the whitel glove test

Ginger gives the paddle boards the white glove test

Over the last few days we’ve made our way down to Sydney (or rather Palm Beach just outside of Sydney) to visit our friends Matt and Jenna and their 3 lovely girls. It was a good adventure on the way down, if a bit challenging to keep the Little Bear happy in the car for longish spells over 3 days time. She did really well, all things considered actually.

Just before we left, we stopped in Lennox and G got to watch the girl’s paddle club practicing on a   tea tree saturated lake. Those girls could really move across that burnt umbre water. What an inspiration they were to G Rain! Along the way south, we took a side trip to Dorrigo National Park’s skywalk and rainforest trails (yes, the surf got flat and I got my way– hurray!). It was lovely and G Rain did the whole walk by herself while we marveled from behind at what a big girl she’s become. At night, we stayed in one of Australia’s best kept secrets (at least as far as I was concerned), their Holiday Parks. There, we “camped” in  incredible wooded settings on both a mossy creek as well as another gorgeous beach in cabins with kitchens, tvs, etc. The whole place was like a kiddie heaven, with playgrounds, a jumpy mat, merry-go-rounds and a campfire. They even give you marshmallows to roast when you check in! All in that incredible natural setting to boot. Too terrific!

Glad to finally have arrived at Matt and Jenna’s tree house. They are great old friends who we hardly ever get to see anymore and for Ginger, it means the playmate drought has finally come to an end. When we go here, the girls had their pet guinea pig out on the pool deck and I thought G would faint from pleasure. Palm Beach and its environs like Avalon and Mona Vale is one of the loveliest places I can ever imagine settling in. From the tree house, we look out onto a Meditteranean-like harbor with endless surfing beaches surrounded by gorgeous homes nestled into the woodlands. Sydney is just a short ferry ride (yes Ginger, Fairies!) away so we’ll have lots more to report back soon. Until then, we really are missing you all at home and are thrilled to hear you’re reading along.

Treehouse with guinea pig is too good to be true

Tree-house with guinea pig is too good to be true

Morning girls with curls and magic

Morning girls with curls and magic

Father and daughter in the G Rain-forest

Father and daughter in the G Rain-forest



Holiday Park jumpy madness

Holiday Park jumpy madness


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  1. Melissa said,

    Their house looks amazing. Look at those windows! And trees! I wouldn’t want to come home again. But I hope you do!

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