A 2 Boat Day

July 20, 2008 at 7:15 am (Lil G. Rain's World, Travel Musings) (, , , )

Wiiiiindy Da-da wiiiindy!

Wiiiiindy Da-da wiiiindy!

Yesterday was a 2 boat day in more ways than one. In the morning, Jenna walked us down to her friends Guy and Pita’s place on the water where they keep their kayak. It was the Cadillac of ocean kayaks, with room enough for their whole family of 5 on it so there was plenty of room for me in the front, Ian in back and G (in life-vest, Grandmas) in the middle. Of course the first thing I did was accidentally splash her with the paddle so she started to cry and say she wanted to “get down.” Well we were in the middle of the bay by then and there was no “getting down”. But we started to sing the “Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe” song and she cheered right up. Soon, she was leaning back against Ian’s legs and almost asleep from the gentle lolling of the boat by the time we got back. She loved it.

No more fairy puns, Ma-ma, please!

No more fairy puns, Ma-ma, please!

That aft we took a ferry/fairy ride from Palm Beach to Kuring-gai National Park’s Basin campgrounds. G’s been really into boats lately and she sure did get her fill cause the first boat we got on turned out to be the wrong one. I went and asked the driver and his first mate if we could just stay on and then get on the right one without paying extra, which they agreed to, but not without some good ol’ Aussie ribbing first: “Excuse me, I think we’re on the wrong boat.” “Where are you going?” “The Basin.” “You’re on the wrong boat! How’d you manage that one? Congratulations Darling, you’re on the wrong boat.” etc. When we boarded the next boat is was much of the same: “Umm do we need new tickets, we’re the ones who got on the wrong boat.” “Ooooh, so you’re the ones. CONGRATULATIONS!” “Yes, thank you.”

I'm tryin' to hop here!

I'm tryin' to hop here!

Anyhow, the whole 2 for the price of 1 thing was quite a good scam, as we’d covered the entire bay by the time we were done and it was really lovely. I recommend trying it if you’re ever in the area. The Basin was gorgeous, with emerald waters being fished by lazy campers on it’s sandy banks and a ranging grassy meadow dotted with grazing wallabies (like Kangaroos but smaller and don’t confuse them or else you’ll be teased in the above manner). G needed a nap by then so we once again put the McClaren to the test by walking her up a very steep trail to some Aboriginal carvings. She was still snoozing by the time we got back and so we got a quiet bite to eat together at the fabulous Swelter Cafe by the boat dock. I am pleased to report that the food here is SO much better than up north and actually worth the outrageous prices. Either that, or the sticker shock is just wearing off…

Ian's fairy prow'd (ok, last pun, I swear)

Ian's fairy prow'd (ok, last pun, I swear)

Ian gets some surf at the Swelter Cafe

Ian gets some surf at the Swelter Cafe

Abi's emerald view from the boat
Abi’s emerald view from the boat


  1. Megan said,

    oh, that sounds like a lovely day! the photos are great, too. keep enjoying your adventures! hugs, meeg

  2. Ahlea said,

    Ok Seriously.. Could G be any cuter… I like the windy fro shot to the calm flatter hair..
    It looks like such a beautiful adventure………..
    Ani says- Roof! and Kai Girl came for a visit today.. Everyone was happy.

  3. shinko said,

    so stoked for you, so so stoked….
    the trip looks good so far….
    jealousy and all that aside….
    good on you.
    looking forward to more adventures of the G Rain and her entourage.

    *P.S. ….and i think i will be needin’ a Pendo…..

  4. mroarty said,

    ¡Te amo mi familia! I am so incredibly happy for the experiences & memories you are creating. ¡Muchos besos from your meghy!

  5. Sacha said,

    So apparently it never hurts to ask at Disneyland AND Australia!! Really enjoying hearing about your adventures. Sending hugs to all!!

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