Grateful List 2

July 24, 2008 at 7:09 am (Greatful Lists)

1.  I brought the stroller with me when I drove G Rain in the Getz to get her to sleep cause I was “too sick to walk.”

2.  All I did was pop a couple of tires and didn’t actually get in a head on collision on the wrong side of the road or anything

3. My body was strong enough to walk the hour back to Matt and Jenna’s even with the aches and fever

4. Ian did hold it over me that he’d been right that I shouldn’t drive in this country and I didn’t hold it over him that he took off on an all day surf adventure with me so sick

5. We got the rental car company to pay for the 2 new tires because they were bald and unsafe and never should have popped just because I BRIEFLY went up on the curb with one of them (the curb which everyone here says sticks out way too far anyhow)

ps- on a totally unrelated note, PLEASE  please please check out the video to our new favorite song, heard on the fabulous local  “Triple J” radio station here, you won’t be sorry: Mika’s “Big Girl You Are Beautiful” (and we couldn’t agree more)



  1. Sacha said,

    Oh little “Abi-dent”! Glad you’re OK!

  2. Melissa said,

    Oh, Abi! I hope you’re resting and taking it easy and drinking lots of fluids now. You poor thing!

  3. Diana said,

    Thanks for posting a little something to make me just slightly less jealous. Okay, no, really, still very jealous. Now you have some down-under fever? Our run of the mill cold seems so blase. Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Ahlea said,

    ok… seriously.. getting sick …. popping tires…
    WHen i was in auss myself I freaked out while driving.. it was so disorienting.
    I kept going off the road and made everyone think i was gonna hit oncoming traffic. and then the ROO Bars on the cars.. too much for me.. Ill be a passenger..
    sending you healing juice.. and Kai Girl was in the yard playing with the ball and she seems very happy to have a big yard to smell and lots of people loving on her..

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