About Us

We are Abi O’Roarty, my husband Ian, and our daughter Ginger Rain, off on the road to spicy unravellings and fishtail forays down under. For 2 and-a-half months, Australia and Bali are ours for the taking! We seek excitement, beauty, surf and a little pleasant conversation for God’s sakes. Will the grass remain green all the way to the equator?

We are photographers, writers, surfers, snowboarders, hikers, artists, dreamers, schemers, lovers and fighters on the run from our base in beautiful Cardiff By the Sea (yes, we just like saying the name).



  1. Mary Catherine said,

    I am so excited to keep up with your many adventures!

  2. Laura Cotler said,

    I’m wathching you! Epic !(an Ian word)

  3. Steven Cotler said,

    Me so jealous. Me love family pictures and stories. Me so psyched for you guys. Sam miss Ginger.

  4. Tom Mangelson said,

    The photos are fabulous. I must have them for my next book. Oh wait, I’m a tool egomaniac and I only love my own pictures.

  5. Steven Cotler said,

    Me so jealous. Me love pictures but me no read words. Me so happy for you. Sam miss Ginger!

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